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    Business process outsourcing in the Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Finance and Billing areas



Outsourcing – Business Process Outsourcing


Our team has a strategic and systemic vision, which helps in the continuous development of processes, whether in your domestic market, entering a new country or optimizing existing operations. We offer a single point of contact to coordinate operations management and help ensure clear communication across multiple jurisdictions.
When hiring a BPO solution, our clients now have a team of specialized professionals and automation tools that facilitate the correct and up-to-date fulfillment of accounting and tax obligations, in addition to generating accessory obligations.
Among the benefits that our services provide, we highlight the reduction of costs, headcount and tax issues, providing greater focus on the core business and activities that bring results more focused on the company’s strategic planning.

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  • BPO of Financial Management

    We perform all the financial routine of receipts, payments and cash flow control. We offer tailor-made web-based services, connected to your financial agent of choice.

    Accounts Receivable – Receipt Management

    • Issuance of invoice and bank slip to be sent to customers;
    • Factoring of receivables process, if requested;
    • Receipt portfolio control (credit in account, simple collection, collaterals, discounts and remittance of foreign exchange);
    • Instructions on accounts (extensions, protests, write-offs, others);
    • Reconciliation of accounts receivable;
    • Collection from defaulting parties, if requested;
    • Diagnostic and communication of issues, if any (high default rate, among others).

    Accounts Payable – Payment Management

    • Receipt and audit of the supporting documentation (invoices, slips, utilities bills, contracts, payroll, taxes, foreign exchange, others);
    • Analysis of withholdings, charges, among others;
    • Schedule of payments with the Bank and communication to the Master Manager for approval;
    • Instructions on changes, where necessary (re-schedule of payments, postponements, prepayments, exclusions, among others);
    • Bank reconciliation of statements (balances, fees, payments and others);
    • Follow-up and communication of issues, if any (rejected and non-processed payments, among others).

    Our unique features in this area are as follows:

    • Cash Flow Management;
    • Creation of Management Reports that support best decision-making, in accordance with our business partner’s need;
    • Real-time information through access to the business management platform, fully web-based and in cloud;
    • Performanceof services in our ERP Softwareor directly in client bases;
    • Sending and integrationof the whole financial movement with accounting records;
    • Financial consulting(Investments, budgets and operating technical support).
  • BPO of Human Resources – Payroll

    We are able to carry out all procedures for preparing and managing a payroll for employees and associates.

    Our services comprise:

    • Hiring and termination procedures;
      • Payroll preparation;
      • Issuance of pay checks;
      • Preparation of federal tax and social security contribution payment slips;
      • Calculation and control of vacation and 13th monthly pay;
      • Control over management fees;
      • Response to tax and labor audits.

    If necessary, we can also address benefit management tasks.

  • BPO of the Accounting Area

    We perform all the accounting routine of bookkeeping and record keeping, with regular reconciliation processes.

    We provide assistance in understanding and recording of transactions, we prepare monthly trial balance sheets within deadlines set in advance with the managers and we are responsible for Digital Accounting Bookkeeping – ECD and Accounting and Tax Bookkeeping – ECF. If necessary, we can include the preparation of management reports, prepared on an accounting basis, according to the standard that the client wishes, in more than one currency.

  • BPO of the Tax Area

    Our services comprise:
    • Bookkeeping of tax records in accordance with the legislation relevant to each activity;
    • Calculation of taxes;
    • Issuance of slips for payment of taxes and contributions;
    • Preparation and management of fulfillment of accessory tax obligations;
    • Responses to federal, state and local tax audits;
    • Control and maintenance of tax good standing certificates.