ADVISER - Auditoria, Contabilidade e Consultoria

  • Advisory

    Improve business management through tools that assist decision-making, considering strategy, operations and technology


Tailor-made solutions for each of our clients


Advisory services are tailor-made, allowing our clients to dedicate themselves to the operation of their business and make decisions relying on consistent and secure information.

Adviser - Advisory

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  • Cash Flows (Cash flow forecast)

    The use of management information in line with management’s perspectives to provide a cash flow adherent to the company’s reality enables the direction of strategies, ensuring financial control and planning, supporting the decision-making process.

  • Coaching

    Contributing to raising the performance of an employee, personally and professionally, is one of the main goals of coaching. Applicable to any hierarchical level, with the use of cutting-edge methodologies, tools and recognized techniques, we have developed an intensive training program that allows to enhance the competence and skills of the employee, the coachee.

    Our coaching program is applied by certified professionals who keep constantly updated with the best technical and market practices.

  • Costs (Cost of Goods Sold)

    We help our clients to overcome major challenges, such as reduced margins, low growth and below market performance. By creating its cost structure appropriate to the business strategy, it enables an efficient analysis of margins and results by product, segment or line of business, helping to determine its competitive advantage as a differential in the market.

  • Impairment Test

    Annually, companies need to review their assets to ensure that they are recorded at recoverable amount, for their ability to generate revenue. Measuring the amount recorded in assets represents disclosing and sometimes adjusting assets to fair value. We carry out this type of test with a team of specialist professionals.

  • Management Information

    It consists of developing with management tailor-made reports/dashboards that enable the conscious management of operations, assisting in decision-making.

  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

    With the implementation of IFRS in Brazil and the growth of mergers and acquisitions, the next step, after the acquisition of companies, is to carry out the purchase price allocation, distributing goodwill paid for the company’s control. This, in addition to being a legal requirement, also has future tax impacts. We prepare the calculations and demonstrate this allocation through formal and economically substantiated Economic Reports.

  • Valuation of companies and business

    We help our clients understand not the price, but the value of their business at each point in the life cycle of the company. This enables clearer and more consistent planning and decisions to evaluate an expansion, acquisition or even sale of business or companies.

    A valuation process must sometimes be seen in conjunction with restructuring and succession studies. Our professionals are able to design scenarios applicable to various circumstances.

    We prepare valuations of companies, business lines, segments of activity and assets.