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  • Assurance

    Transparency and reliability of the financial statements to the stakeholders

Reliability of the financial information


Independent auditing services are designed to enhance the reliability and transparency of financial information, so that our clients can mitigate it in a righteous, clear and legitimate manner in their disclosures.
Our auditors follow international auditing standards, aiming to guarantee quality, technical superiority and compliance with professional standards.
Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM), Adviser is able to carry out Audit work in line with international financial reporting standards – IFRS and corporate governance, in Brazil and in the main centers of the world.

Adviser - Assurance

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  • Accounting Reports

    The appraisal reports are intended to determine the value of the company’s net equity on a given date or of specific components of net assets at book value or adjusted to market prices.

    The accounting reports are intended to support the processes of merger, acquisition or spin-off of companies, corporate restructuring, withdrawal or admission of partners, closure of activities, specific operations provided for by law or in the standard of regulatory bodies.

  • Audit of Financial Statements

    Our audit service comprises a thorough understanding of your operation, the market in which you operates and the comparison with the relevant regulatory standards. We analyze the risks involved, the managers’ action plan to mitigate them and the integrity of the reports presented and released.

  • Due Diligence

    In order to offer greater security to the parties involved in business combination processes (company acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, etc.), we identify items that may impact the purchase price, such as tax and operational contingencies, accounting adjustments, EBITDA and working capital to be delivered at closing.

  • Forensic Audit – Fraud and Deviations

    The image of your brand, inside and outside your company, is one of the determining factors of your reputation, and may be exposed to threats such as fraud, information theft, financial deviations and accounting failures. Adviser has specialists prepared to prevent these risks, strengthening the protection of your company and its results.

  • Internal Audit

    We strengthen internal controls, transparency in compliance and risk management, identifying possible present and future problems, creating improvements in the performance of processes and helping our clients to achieve improvements in their corporate governance.

  • Marketing Audit and Awards

    Evaluation and monitoring of prize draw rules, proof of circulation of newspapers and magazines, validation of data on franchise fees, royalties, copyrights, among others.

  • Observation of physical inventory

    Our observation aims to review the client’s planning for physical inventory count, in order to ensure its suitability, guide the main matters for attention, analyze the cut-off of incoming and outgoing inventory, bill-and-hold invoices and test of counts, thus helping in the quality and reliability of the inventory count.

  • Partial or Specific Audit

    The partial or specific audit specifically covers only one or some of the financial statements, addressing issues related to reviewing costs, ensuring the existence of balances, analyzing the economic and financial situation, confirming third party account balance and analyzing compliance with statutory rules and corporate legislation.

  • Review of Interim Information

    In order to provide greater transparency and reliability to the financial information provided by companies and various stakeholders, such as creditors, investors, employees, government, among others, the review of interim information allows our auditor to express a conclusion on the financial statements of a period shorter than the company’s financial year, through inquiries and performance of analytical procedures and other review procedures.